Alphabet Pie


About us:

Every child should have the opportunity to explore the magic of their imagination.  

Our mission,to design, produce and distribute toys and crafts all around the world that inspire the little people in such a way that they have fun while learning all about creativity because without it life would be boring.

Alphabet Pie is passionate about education and every product produced has been designed with the intention that it will inspire children of all ages to learn through the act of play and help to build confidence, dexterity and focus all of which are an important part of self growth.
The company began when two friends George Pornaris and Eliana Perdios wanted to solve a problem: how to get kids off their tablets and phones by doing something creative instead? Something that would challenge their imagination, and let them bring their ideas to life. Something both fun and educational, top quality and good value for money. Their first brand Nutty Putty rolled out in 2014.

 Since then the brand continues to grow into a portfolio of innovative award winning crafting activities and creative toys that offer longevity thus guaranteeing sales and expansion in many countries.