• George Pornaris

The Law of Creativity.

Being involved in the educational toy sector and especially arts and crafts I often get emails from parents asking me if there is anything they can do to help their child be more creative.

I give the same answer every time and it is the combination of these three wonderful words. "Encouragement, time and space.

The fact is there is no law. Creativity is in my opinion lawless, it is an endless abundance of thoughts stemmed from the very core of our imagination. It is where we can wildly and fearlessly roam the whole universe and beyond. It is the journey travelled by the greatest inventors and artist this world has seen and the best part is that we all have access to it. Every idea and every concept is born from our uninhibited imagination but if we implement boundaries or expectations and comparisons with one another then we become isolated and captive to the belief that we are not great or talented or that an idea we have is simply not good enough.

Failure for me should not exist in the dictionary. It is a word I despise. It has caused many to simply give up on their aspirations yet we are taught this word as soon as we can read. Theres no such thing as fail. Every time we try and it doesn't work out we learn. We try to figure out why it didn't and we adjust and improve. This should be the same principle for children.

Encouraging a child allows them to build the confidence they need to openly try out their ideas and in turn gain as much experience as they can.

For example if they have spent an hour or two making their favourite character out of putty but it looks nothing like that and I know we've all been there, cherish it because it is their starting point. It is the best they could do at that point in time and they can only get better with your encouragement.

One of the most valuable things you can give your children as they expand themselves creatively is time. Creativity doesn’t fit into boxes, and can’t be scheduled or organised. It's born of a freedom that many parents fail to provide to their children. Lots of relaxed, unstructured playtime is key to productivity, confidence and self growth.

As well as time, kids need a safe place they can be creative without interference or encroaching on your personal space and stress levels. Providing kids with a play area along with lots of creative items will become their own valuable space where they can expand on their imagination and be creative without judgment.


Jonathan aged 7 and a few years later aged 13 using Nutty Putty. Every genius has a starting point.

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