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12 things you can do with Nutty Putty

Nutty Putty is so diverse that it can be used to pretty much create any object you want. It is non messy, shiny and easy to shape. It can also be baked to transform what you make into a rubbery, waterproof creation. Its consistency also means that once baked you can actually add more putty to your creation to build even bigger ones. It is non toxic and hypoallergenic so safe for everyone including animals.

Here are a few ideas.

1 Make crazy finger puppets or even your family members and ask them to guess which one they are.

2. Go to your garden or a park and take a photo of an insect and make a rubbery version to keep. ( always be kind to all creatures )

3. Make everyone a keyring so they don't mix up their keys. Try out glow in the dark Nutty Putty. Its really works.

4. Build a big house. Make all the sides and roof in parts. Bake them so they become rubber then take some more Nutty Putty and press them together and finally re-bake. Nutty Putty never burns so you can keep adding onto any creation you make.

5. Make your own magic unicorn. Choose your favourite colours. Our Nutty Putty unicorn is called Jessy.

6. Make a friendly alien. What do you think they would look like?

7. Make a lolly and play tricks on everyone. The best thing is it doesn't melt!

8. Make your favourite farm animal just like Rory the Rabbit.

9. Ask a parent for a metal spoon and decorate the top with your favourite character. Get a parent to bake the whole spoon in the oven for ten minutes on our reusable baking sheet. Allow to cool and you can either leave on there or peel it off and use on your favourite pencil. Dont worry parents. Will not damage your spoon. Can also be washed in dishwasher.

10. We all love a robot. Here is our Brian. He's cute, intelligent and always smiles. Don't forget for best results you can make all the body parts separately, bake them then use more Nutty Putty to stick them together before baking again. He also loves having a bath.

11. Make a lucky charm or mascot. Here is our one. We've called him Mr Trump.

12. Want to go places? Make an eco friendly, low cost car and drive away.

We love Nutty Putty and hope you will too. Available through our online shop or any good toy or arts and crafts retailer near you.

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