Teaching Nutty Putty

Because every day a kid has an extraordinary  idea in them.


Parents and Educators


We want to give every young mind the power to engage in the infinite world of creativity because it is where dreams are born and the journey of discovery and self growth begin. Our products have been designed to aid every child of any ability to explore, think, focus, learn and the most important of all have fun.

At Alphabet Pie we are committed to providing safe, high performing products for safe creative play.


Creative Play 

Creative play is vital for children because from birth they want to naturally figure out everything and have no fear to succeed. They are born with self belief but in order to maintain this they need encouragement and nurturing throughout their childhood otherwise it gets lost or their full potential is never reached because self doubt quickly creeps in. 

Learning through play with Nutty Putty

Play is the highest form of research. - Einstein



The key is to guide them along so they will want to keep challenging themselves in order to expand their mind. 

There is a wealth of information to support the positive effects of creative play and among those our products such as Nutty Putty and Mix up Cay fall into this category.


The benefits of creative play with Putty 

Enhances fine motor skills

When children squish, roll, flatten, shape or cut putty, they develop and strengthens their hand muscles which in turn will improve fine motor skills and will improve pre-writing skills because of the way the squeeze or point their finger and thumb to hold the putty.

Creativity and imagination

Putty provides children with unlimited possibilities and it encourages them to use their imagination and creativity.

Calming effect

A child can sometimes be restless or can also find it  difficult to express emotions. Giving them some putty naturally encourages them to start using a different part of their brain that creates a very calming effect and helps them to focus and express their thoughts.

Develops hand - eye coordination

Using a variation of shapes and rolling pins while playing with putty will improve a child's hand-eye-coordination

Concentration with Nutty Putty

Develops concentration and observation.

Social skills

When children sit and play together using putty they  will naturally interact, talk, discuss problems and find solutions to creating the best creations they can. They will watch and ask questions which will enhance their social skills.

Increases curiosity and knowledge

When different colours of putty are mixed together, children discover that a new colour has been made  and when they learn to make different shapes, it encourages their curiosity to try out new experiments and they will ask various questions which help to  increase their knowledge and help overall development.