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George and Eliana are two friends who wanted to solve a problem: how do you get your kids off their tablets and phones, and doing something creative instead?


They wanted to give children something that would challenge their imagination, and let them bring their ideas to life. Something both fun and educational, top quality and good value for money. However,  there was nothing quite right in the shops so they realised they'd have to create it themselves.


They founded  Alphabet Pie and started developing their ideal toys. After countless hours of research and thousands of miles travelling around the world, they found the most amazing substance for modelling: A mess-free, easy to kneed and mold, non-toxic, reusable soft putty. Best of all, you could bake your creations and keep them forever. Nutty Putty was born! 


George and Eliana's kids loved it so much that they wanted to share it with families everywhere. An instant success on its launch in 2015, kids and their parents have gone nutty for this versatile and unique putty. Since then, the range has grown with beautiful new colours in the range including glow-in-the-dark and colour-changing putties. And George and Eliana are still busy developing new toys for Alphabet Pie; their Mix-Up Clay was another hit, and they're busy dreaming up even more exciting products. 

Since then the company continues to grow its range of innovative award winning crafting activities and creative toys that offer value for money lots of fun and inspiration. 


Alphabet Pie cares very much about your experience and satisfaction. With this attitude please know that we are here to listen and help should you have any questions or queries and we will always try to provide the best service and give you a 100% guarantee. 


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