Junior Crafter Monster

Junior Crafter Monster

Make and Collect the Monsteroos Series 1 available soon.

Aftons Collectible Series 1

Aftons Collectible Series 1

Make and Race these super cars with your friends.

Junior Artist

Junior Artist

Make your very own Van Gogh masterpiece in 3D with our special Super Dough.

Nutty Putty- Make Your Own Creations
Make any creations you want with Nutty Putty. Safe, non messy fun.
Clay Crayon- Make Your own
Make your own crayons with this delightful kit.
JackintheBox Themed DIY Kits
Themed DIY kits with either 6 or 3 projects in each box.
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Here at Alphabet Pie we work hard to design and produce inspirational toys, gifts and arts and crafts for boys and girls ages 3 plus that encourage learning through play and give them something to be proud of. In fact our brand is so well liked that we also supply many retailers nationally and internationally with our products so next time your'e out shopping look out for us.

If you are looking for something a little more productive and educational to keep your children entertained then take a look at our online shop where you will find an array of fun good quality award winning products with a difference. From themed Arts and Crafts DIY Sets to Make Your Own Creations with Nutty Putty to Design Your Own Crayons to Air Dry Kits to Magical Painter we've got everything to inspire those young minds and create big imaginations. 

We value your custom and want you to buy in confidence. Having a good experience with us and our products is important and therefore we want to provide you with the best service. As well as offering free shipping to anywhere in the United Kingdom we also offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

It would be lovely if you stay in touch with us by signing up to our Newsletter at the bottom of the page. We have some great blogs, monthly newsletters and updates on our latest products with exclusive sneak previews. Not to mention loyalty discounts, competitions, prizes and giveaways.  

Nutty Putty is the number 1 best seller.

Vibrant shapeable putty to make and keep your rubbery creations forever. Click here to find out more.

Take a look at our DIY themed kits for all ages. Creative fun all in one box. Great for kids to share. 

Click here for more details.

Our Clay Crayon kit has soft shapeable dough so kids can make their very own crayons. 

Click here for more details.

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Clay Crayon- Make Your own

Make your own crayons with this delightful kit.

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