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“LEARNING THROUGH PLAY is the way to learn the most, when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.” (Albert Einstein)

Here at Alphabet Pie we believe there is nothing old fashioned with a product that does not require a battery and allows a child to imagine, experience, explore, create whilst having fun,  “Play is learning and is the highest form of research in the mind of a child. Play is a necessity and an educational toy is a valuable tool” (George Pornaris, co-founder, Alphabet Pie)


The founders of the Alphabet Pie® brand recognised that there was a gap in the market for educational products that were not only interesting and fun for younger children but also edgy and cool with enough appeal for older children.


Extensive research involving different ages and backgrounds of children in an age dominated by technology and social media has given Alphabet Pie® a valuable insight into what is exciting for children and what is sometimes lacking in traditional toys and games.

Alphabet Pie® is keen to promote products that enable children to develop and nurture their skills whilst keeping them inspired through creativity and not forgetting the values behind traditional learning.


All Alphabet Pie® products are developed to appeal to our target audience and we often conduct focus groups with a variety of children of different ages and backgrounds. It is here where many of our ideas are born and go on to develop.


The areas of Child Development stages are usually grouped into 5 major stages; Physical growth, Cognitive, Emotional and Social Development, Language Development and Emotional and Social Development.
Alphabet Pie™ aims to develop educational play products with the five stages of development throughout the forefront of their designs.


Our team consist of marketing, branding and design specialists who work closely with teachers and educational psychologists to ensure that all our products confirm to and enrich the skills needed to support cognitive development as well as develop the skills required for the Early Years Foundation Stage and in the National Curriculum Key Stages.

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